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Podere le Manzinaie
Montepulciano (Siena) Italy
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The healthy properties of the hot springs are known since ages, with antique origins, certainly Etruscan and Roman.
In our area there are several important wellness centers, for those people who profit from their holiday to have moments of true relax and peace.
Many of those centers are equipped with specialized sections for beauty treatments, health and rehabilitation and, thanks to the natural cure and to the modern technologies, is possible to find the right psychophysical balance.

The Spa of Montepulciano offers unique treatments, thanks to the particular composition of its water who comes out from the subsoil. Those waters who make possible not only thermal treatments, but give also back wellness and beauty.

The Spa of Chianciano offers sensorial itineraries who are divided into different treatments, inspired to neuropathy and that consider the balancing of the energetic human sensation through an efficacy action based on the five elements which compose the human - Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Ether - ideal to alleviate stress and anxiety recharging yourself of new energy.

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