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Our area provides a wide set of advice to help you choosing suitable routes to follow, both in terms of physical fitness as well as regards your cultural interests.
The routes can have different degrees of difficulty: easy, medium or difficult.
The tracks are interesting even under the natural aspect, where you can admire wonderful landscapes and views with cypress trees, holm oak, or oak trees on the background, interchanged with small wavy level lines.
You can ride among vineyards, centuries-old olive trees and meet sheep breeding, or beef farming, especially the highly-valued Chianina race.
You can cross more interesting places, such as the Valdichiana Valley (our area), gently undulating farmlands where corn, tobacco, wheat and fruit is grown. Here, particularly striking is the presence of the large, Leopoldian country houses (like our property): a constant reminder of the tenant farmer system or sharecropping, known as “mezzadria”.
Throughout your day trips, will be difficult to resist to the medieval villages, historical remains and farms, which you can glimpse on the surrounding hills. In effect, you can enjoy a typical Tuscan landscape with leisure, which is difficult to find elsewhere.

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The Path of the Reclaimed Land, along the Canale Maestro della Chiana, near our property, is the ideal place to go jogging or trekking every day.
It joins Chiusi to Arezzo, and it’s about 62 km long, without any height or level differences; you can cover it for the entire length, or for short steps, due to the different “escape routes” that allow you to comfortably reach the nearest centers.
The valley of the Canale Maestro della Chiana is witness of the past presence of a large swampland, that previously was covering the entire area and, with the colossal following drainage action to reclaim the land, has been converted in a verdant vast land full of cultivations.
This area is an important agricultural center, and even today, its local economy is based on its local produce such as fruit, vegetables, forage, oil and wine.
The cycle and pedestrian path of the Canal is a flat trail, perfect for those who wish to travel slowly.
In effect, no motorized traffic is permitted, so it guarantees total peace even for families with children, or for those who wish to keep fit in complete security and peace.

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