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The “Lago di Montepulciano” Natural Reserve is located in the south part of Valdichiana Valley, not far away from our property.
In addition to the Lake of Montepulciano, it includes a large uninhabitable swamp area, series of fields and part of the Maestro della Chiana Canal.
For its natural features, the reserve is an important stopping place for birds who migrate from Africa to Europe,  beyond to be used from many aquatic species as place of overwintering or nesting.
There also are different birds kind considered quite rare, such as the Red Heron (Ardea Purpurea), the Least Bittern (Botaurus Stellaris) and the Ferruginous Duck (Aythya Nyroca).
In every season, you can admire birds, fish and botanical spices, typical of the lake, in their natural environment.
The Reserve Visitors Center is managed by the LIPU Association (Italian League for Bird Protection).
Right inside it, there is a small pier, from where take off an electric boat for guided visits on the lake, to allow visitors to sight all that bird species hardly noticeable from land. Next to the dock, there is a path which passes through the reeds and at the end brings to a lookout tower of 22 meters hight.

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